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 Ten Questions for Writers


 Ten questions worth asking about any story or script that you’re   writing.

  1. Whose story is it?

  2. What’s the beginning, middle and end?  

  3. What do you want an audience to feel at the end?

  4. Why should readers/an audience be interested in your story?

  5. What adjectives should they use to describe it to their friends?

  6. What do your central characters want?

  7. What do they do if they don’t get what they want?

  8. How, if at all, have the characters or their situation changed at the end of the story?

  9. How would you describe your story in a few sentences to an acquaintance?

  10. If you could only show one scene from your story/film, which would it be? This should reveal, or reaffirm, what the heart of the story is.

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