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Interviews with Authors
For Bloomsbury, I interviewed three authors I was working with.

(2022) Mark Wormald on Ted Hughes's writing tips, fishing and how writing The Catch changed Mark's life:

(2022) William Leith on writing confessional memoirs and the secret art of getting a good interview out of a celebrity:

(2022) Philip Lymbery on how factory farming is economically inefficient, how the Parmesan in your fridge is just another industrially farmed product and how new technologies can save us:

Interviews with Film-makers

(2011) Frank Cottrell-Boyce on a life of writing of novels and film/TV, Millions, 24 Hour Party People and how he's happy to call himself a hack.

(2009) Nicolas Winding Refn on Pusher, Bronson and why Sophie's Choice is the most violent film he has ever seen.

(2009) Christopher Hampton on writing adaptations from Dangerous Liaisons to Chéri.

(2009) Anne V. Coates on editing from Lawrence of Arabia to The Elephant Man to Out of Sight and Erin Brockovich.

Feature Articles
(2016) Eddie Mannix and the real Hollywood scandals that inspired the Coen Brothers' Hail, Caesar!

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