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Editorial Consultancy

I have more than 20 years' experience working across film, non-fiction and fiction as an editor and script consultant.


Film and TV projects

I'm a graduate in screenwriting from the National Film & Television School, where my work included two award-winning short animation films, co-written and directed by Matthew Hood. I have worked for The Literary Consultancy for many years and, before that, read hundreds of scripts for Film4 and The Works.

Non-fiction Books

I have worked in publishing for 15 years, becoming an editor at Amber Books Ltd and Weldon Owen International. As a freelance editor, I have done commissioning, structural edits and copy-editing, with clients including HarperCollins, Little, Brown, Omnibus Press Ltd, Elwin Street Productions and even the UN.


I have written popular history for adults - Dark History of Hollywood - and for children - Disasters. I have edited non-fiction books ranging from memoir (The Bicycle Clip Diaries) to travel (Coast) to photographic history (Amazing Churches of the World), among many others. I have also worked for The Mail on Sunday and the Daily Mail, finding non-fiction books to serialise.


I can thoroughly recommend Kieron as an editor who is calm, reliable, efficient, creative and always good-humoured. He has a logical head and can untangle knots in plots whilst working to a tight schedule.

Philip Steele, Escape the Mummy’s Tomb

(Blue Streak Books)


Kieron edited my novel in its early days and gave me very specific advice on what I needed to improve in terms of plot structure as well regarding certain aspects of my writing such as setting and dialogue. I would highly recommend Kieron and am very grateful for the detailed written feedback and the valuable discussion.

Siya Turabi, The Last Beekeeper

(One More Chapter/HarperCollins)


Kieron did a structural edit on my travel book and memoir, The Bicycle Clip Diaries. He was detailed and contentious throughout. His editing work was excellent and his comments incredibly useful in guiding the book towards a final product.

Although an inherently challenging process, it was made pleasurable by Kieron’s amiable tone and thorough professionalism.

Nick Raistrick, The Bicycle Clip Diaries


I found Kieron a close and careful but un-fussy editor, quick to spot my mistakes or infelicities but never inclined to intervene just for the sake of it. I really feel he got the best out of me as a writer.

Michael Kerrigan, Amazing Churches of the World

(Amber Books Ltd)


If you would like help shaping a non-fiction book or novel, are keen for a professional read of your screenplay, or are looking for a ghostwriter, do get in touch. 


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